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Inviting Children To Write

Ideas to jump start creativity at home and at school
Time tested and fun
    Help the children in your life find the joy of written expression!
Includes information about
how to scribe for a child
ideas for creating homemade books
ways to stimulate storytelling and story writing
nonfiction writing ideas
and more

little dolls cover

Little Dolls
a book of patterns and instructions
I've had a lot of fun making these little pipe cleaner based dolls. This book shows you how to make two basic dolls - one with a skirt, the other with pants. Using your imagination, you can create lots of different ones.  They make great gifts for children 3 and up. Even adults enjoy them, especially if you create one based on a profession.
  only available  as a PDF file Price $2.99

I hope that you, too, will enjoy making these little dolls.

                            At Home Marty Layne

240 page 6" x 9" paperback
excerpts by chapter


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Learning At Home: A Mother's Guide To Homeschooling

Newly Revised Edition

"...a book for all parents
no matter how they wish to educate their children."     

"Filled with wisdom" 

Marty's lovely book is full of helpful advice and ideas for any homeschooling family. It's bound to be especially comforting to new families who worry whether they're doing things "right." (And if you're looking for a conference speaker, you can't do better than Marty--some conferences I go to just because I know Marty will be there!)

Every time I've spoken at a homeschooling conference with Marty, we've ended up talking for hours, picking up right where we left off the last time. Her voice in her book is exactly her--reading it, you feel as though you've joined a friendly personal conversation about kids and family and music and play and learning and kids and music . . . . She's practical, down-to-earth, concrete, and reassuring.

One of my favorite books to recommend, especially for new homeschooling parents.
Mary A. Griffith   


32 page 8.5"  x 8.5" saddle stitched
paper back picture book

download a PDF version
for only
$5.99 CAD

Two stories about animals preparing for the coming of winter told in simple language illustrated with photographs of needle felted animals.

*I love the vivid colors of the pictures as contrasted to the softness of the figures in them. It almost feels three-dimensional. I also love the way the simple story draws the young child into a world of fantasy that is actually based on pure, real, joyful emotion and sharing. My nine-year-old son enjoyed it, so itís not just for tiny children.
Kelly GreenA Matter of Conscience

Order direct from publisher
$10.00 US/Canadian +shipping

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I developed and taught Games to Play With Little Ones for 10 years. This booklet includes many of the rhymes and songs I used in my classes.
* 32 pages to print on your choice of paper
* 43 fingerplays, songs and rhymes
* for newborns - 5 years old
* illustrated
* easy-to-follow instructions
* play tested
Download for only $2.95
Christmas songs and fingerplays

Christmas Songs and Fingerplays
This is a collection of many of rhymes, fingerplays and songs I used in my Games To Play With Little Ones classes for the Christmas holiday.

 * 6 double sided pages to fold in half to create a small booklet
* 20 fingerplays, rhymes and songs
* play tested

Download for only $0.55



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Playing with Little Ones

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