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Brighten the Day

Cover painting and design: Noah Layne

Recorded at the Electric Cafe, Victoria, BC   
Sound Engineer: Derek Mansfield

Do you have young children?
Then join the many families who've been delighted by the songs on
Brighten the Day - songs to celebrate the seasons.

Let me brighten your day and entertain the little ones in your household with music that is calm and easy on the ears. This recording brings everyone back to the slower pace of childhood, when the changing of the seasons is a big event and a day spent outside on the beach seems at least a year long.

My children grew up listening to and singing these songs.

Filled with catchy and easy to sing songs, listen to clips below.
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1. Sing a Song of Spring *
2. I Canít See The Wind *
3. Medley: Little April Shower/ I Hear Thunder/Itís Raining
4. The Winter Now Is Over
5. A Happy Goodmorning *

6. Over the Meadows
7. Off to the Sea *
8. Silver Sands *
9. Three Little Puffins *
10. Medley: Oh Moon, Oh Moon/The Stars Are Hiding
11. Tadpoles and Salamanders
12. Trot Along My Little Pony*
13. Out In the Meadows
14. Wind, Wind, Blowing
15. Come Little Leaves
16. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry     (Listen to the entire song)     

17. Winter Fun *
18. Icicles *
19. Little Snowflake *
20. Winter-Walk *
21. Where Are the Froggies? *

Songs marked with an * are from Sing Through The Seasons by permission of Plough Publishing House, Farmington, PA, USA

"With her warm mellow voice, accompanied by her acoustic guitar, Marty sings a collection of songs for children, some well-known and loved, others traditional European folk songs or catchy tunes which will become family favorites. This is a happy, joyful recording..." 
Helen Hegener, Editor, Home Education Magazine

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PDF file of words to all of the songs



Music/singing is as much a part of my life as breathing. My mother sang to me when I was a baby. When my family immigrated to the USA in 1956, my mother missed the music that was part of the everyday culture in Holland. So she did what she could and sang with my brother, sister, and me at home and encouraged us to learn to play musical instruments.

I was 8 years old when we left Holland. Music was one of the things that helped me make the transition to my new world. One of the first English songs I remember learning was Over the Meadows in music class at Lincoln School in third grade with Miss Lincoln, our music teacher. In fact, most of my memories of that transition time from one language and culture to another involve the songs I learned.

My mom passed on her love and appreciation of music to my siblings and me. I passed this on to my children. We sang together in the car, at home, and sometimes as we walked outside. Now I have a grandson and I sing with him, just as I remember my mom singing with my children - a full circle. I hope that you, too, will be inspired to sing to and with the children in your life. It's fun! and it creates wonderful memories!

How did you choose the song selections for your CD? 
I had so many favorites, it was hard to choose. I decided to focus on the changing seasons.  I wanted to record songs that had not received a lot of exposure. Each member of my family helped by telling me ... more

Since releasing this recording, I've written a children's book, Autumn Stories, based on the song "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, Hurry." It's a paperback picture book, a nature based story about the coming of autumn and how animals get ready for winter.

A few
comments from listeners:

I've had your CD on all morning; I just set the player on repeat and haven't tired of hearing those delightful songs - and my kids FINALLY asked, after about the third cycle through:  'Who's that singing, Mom? Those are really nice songs!' This from two teenagers who generally prefer rap, reggae, blues or jazz!
My 5 yr old daughter listens to your CD every morning as she gets up and gets dressed.  She loves the songs and your voice.  Thank you!

My granddaughter loves to listen to your CD.  She's learned many of the songs.

Whenever I play your CD in the car, my baby just calms right down and often falls asleep.  Thanks! 

I listened to your CD a lot this winter when I was sick.  It reminded me of the songs I used to sing at school when I was growing up.

"Lovely images in the songs " Pat Carfra, The Lullaby Lady

Thoughts about music and children from
Chapter 6 The Arts  Learning At Home: A Mother's Guide To Homeschooling

When my oldest two children were 4Ĺ and 2Ĺ years old, I spent many nights worrying about how they were ever going to learn music. We lived in a small rented house that didnít have enough room for a piano nor could we afford one. I was convinced by the little bit I knew about the Suzuki method of music instruction that if they didnít start then (and perhaps it was already too late for Josh, after all he was already 4Ĺ years old!), they would never be able to play a musical instrument. I think I was so set on the piano because I had longed to play the piano as a child. Josh is a professional musician, a harpist. He started harp lessons when he was 13Ĺ years old. (Robin, like his brother Josh, is also a professional musician, a percussionist. He started music lessons when he was 12 years old)  ...

In the intervening years, I've had time to think about music in the early years. ...  Itís exposure to and the experience of music in the early years thatís important. That means hearing it, singing it, moving to it, clapping to it, playing it on harmonicas, kazoos, slide whistles, drums, jars with popcorn and/or beans, etc. I wish I had known this when my oldest boys were little. I wish I could go back in time and give my younger self a picture of the present. What a relief it would have been for me to know that I didnít irreparably damage my childrenís ability to express themselves musically because we did not start Suzuki piano lessons when they were 3 and 4 years old. ...

You may have come from a home that did not have music or you may like a certain kind of music and know very little about any other kind. This may make you hesitant about presenting music to your children. You might be wondering just how to get started. I suggest that you start by singing to your babies. If it is too late for that, sing along with various recorded music for children as you and your children listen. Donít worry about your singing voice, just sing along. Many adults were told when they were children that they couldnít carry a tune. If this happened to you, sing with your child anyway. Your child has not received the same negative programming about your voice and efforts to sing that you did. Instead your child will be pleased that you are singing.



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