Conversations: The Secret Ingredient of Homeschooling

Overwhelmed by all the materials available to help your child succeed at homeschooling? Items that promise to help your child learn better, faster and more? If I were just starting to homeschool today, the sheer volume of products would confuse me. I’d be panicking because my budget couldn’t cover the cost of all that’s available and I’d be worried that I’d make the wrong choices and jeopardize my children’s future.
It is so easy to get bogged down when you homeschool. It’s similar to how you felt when you had a new baby and you felt like you never accomplished anything because you did the same things day after day. But, when you look back you realize that you accomplished quite a lot.
The Best Things about Homeschooling
*Time to sit and read to your children out loud
*Time to stay in your pajamas all day and play
*Time to watch your children as they put on plays
*Time to listen to your children
*Time to look at spiders
*Time to go for a walk when the sun is shining,
or the rain has just started to fall…

Christmas Read Alouds
The months of Nov. and Dec. bring holidays that celebrate the importance of love, family, and the rebirth of light. When my children were small, a big part of our holiday tradition was to read Christmas stories out loud. The magic, the warmth, and the re-affirmation of love that fill these seasonal stories were part of our celebration of the birth of new hope in the midst of darkness. The ritual of reading these stories at the same time each year added a sense of predictability and comfort to the holiday season.

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Playing with Little Ones

Plays is one of the joys of parenting. It’s fun and it’s also a vital part of your baby’s development. More and more research proves what grandmothers throughout time have observed, a baby who is sung to, talked to, played with and held is a happier baby, toddler, child.

So just how do you play with little ones? One of the ways is with song. You may not remember many songs from your own childhood. One song that you may remember is Row, Row, Row Your Boat. This song has a lot of possibilities…

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Castor Oil – A great remedy for bumps and bruises
A few days ago, I opened a window and smashed my finger in the process. It hurt!!! It throbbed and began to get more and more painful. I went to the bathroom, put some castor oil on a piece of cotton and wrapped it around my finger, holding it in place with a piece of Scotch tape. Within a minute, the pain stopped although it continued to throb a little bit. Ah relief!!
I worked in the garden for the next few hours, wearing a glove over my bandaged finger. When I came in I removed the cotton and castor oil to wash my hands. I thought the pain had stopped. Within a few minutes of washing my hands, it started to hurt again, so I re-bandaged it with the cotton and castor oil and a new piece of tape.
At bedtime, I removed the cotton, and it had stopped hurting. I was so pleased to be reminded again of what amazing pain relief castor oil applied to the outside of the body can bring. When my children were little, we used it all the time.

Download a copy of a collection of Christmas seasonal fingerplays and songs that I used in my baby and parent classes. Enjoy!

Santa’s Workshop
Here is a tall, tall Christmas tree
Trimmed with lights and balls.
(Put tips of fingers of both hands together,palms apart)
Here are Santa’s little elves.
They run when Santa calls.
(Hold up ten fingers and wiggle them)
This is Santa’s workshop,
Filled with gifts and toys
(Use both hands to form a house)
The elves and helpers fill the sleigh,
For all little girls and boys.