Autumn Stories

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Looking for a nature based story about the coming of autumn?
How a squirrel and some rabbits get ready for winter?

Read this sweet story.

Each of the characters in this book was handmade and photographed by the author. Join Little Blue Feather in the first story as he helps Nutkin store his acorns for the winter.

Walk with Little Blue Feather and his rabbit friends in the second story as they go the the meadows for one more feed of sweet green grass to get “fat and furry” before the coming of Jackie Frost. Sure to delight young and old alike.

32 pages, illustrated with colour photographs

8.5″  x 8.5″ saddle stitched paper back picture book
printed book is out of stock

Little Blue Feather Is Surprised

page 4

Once upon a time on a fall day, Little Blue Feather was sitting by a pumpkin.  He was thinking about the changing weather, wondering if the woodland creatures had harvested enough food for the winter.

page 7

Nutkin began to put some acorns in Little Blue Feather’s lap. He brought little acorns, big acorns, acorns with caps, acorns without caps and sometimes just the caps.

page 11

… Nutkin was sorting though his acorns when he heard a “Woof.” He looked out of the top of the pumpkin. …

Little Blue Feather and the Rabbits

In the second story, Little Blue Feather and his rabbit friends go for a walk together and discuss the upcoming winter season.

page 17

He hopped into Little Blue Feather’s lap to say hello!

page 19
      Grey Ears hopped over to Little Blue Feather and Little Brown. “What are you doing?” she asked.
page 25

As Little Brown and Honey Bunny talked, Grey Ears sang a song to Little Blue Feather. “Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, We must all get fat and furry…

How the Story of Little Blue Feather and the Rabbits came to be

I began to needle felt little animals – owls, hen and chicks, penguins and rabbits – in 2008. As I was taking photos of my little animals, I realized that I could create a story around a song I’d been singing (Hurry, Hurry)  since 1982 and recorded in 2001. It was fall and the cherry tree leaves that had blown down in my backyard lay on the very bright green grass. It looked like just the right place for the rabbits to eat and get fat and furry.

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, Hurry comes from a songbook –Sing Through the Seasons, edited by Marlys Swinger, published by Plough Publishing House, and illustrated with delightful drawings that compliment the innocence of the songs.  Unfortunately, the book I have is no longer in print. To listen to the other songs on the recording Brighten the Day – song to celebrate the seasons, please follow the link.

“I read this book to my son everyday.  He loves it!  All the characters have become part of our lives.  Thanks for writing such a sweet book!”

“My girls, nine and six, loved the stories, the pictures and the size of the book. Thanks.” (refers to the first printing in tiny format)

“I love the vivid colors of the pictures as contrasted to the softness of the figures in them. It almost feels three-dimensional. I also love the way the simple story draws the young child into a world of fantasy that is actually based on pure, real, joyful emotion and sharing. My nine-year-old son enjoyed it, so it’s not just for tiny children.”

Listen to the song that inspired the book. The video has a different little character and her rabbit and owl friends thinking about the coming of winter.

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