Games To Play With Little Ones

Fingerplays and songs that babies, toddlers,and children enjoy and are easy to remember

* 32 pages to print on your choice of paper
* 43 fingerplays, songs and rhymes
* for newborns – 5 years old
* illustrated
* easy-to-follow instructions
* play tested

I developed and taught the Games to Play With Little Ones program for 10 years. This book includes many of the rhymes and songs I used in my classes. 

The photo shows a printed copy bound with a plastic coil. When you purchase Games to Play, you will receive a PDF file that you can print at home and bind with a similar binding or put the pages together with a stapler. You can print the pages as a double sided page or just on one side. 

$4.00 CAD 

Put your little one on your knee and move your leg up and down in time to the rhythm.

Trot! Trot! Trot! Go and never stop
Trot along my little pony
      Where it’s rough and where it’s stony
Go and never stop, trot, trot, trot, trot!

Trot! Trot! Trot! Go and never stop
I’ll give you some hay that’s yummy
It will taste good in your tummy
Little pony mine, trot along so fine.

Jump, jump, jump Jim Joe
You do a little twirl and away we go
Slide, slide, and step just so
Then you bow to your partner
And you jump Jim Joe

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