Inviting Children To Write

Ideas to jump start creativity at home and at school

Time tested and fun

Help the children in your life find the joy of written expression!

This 15 page PDF book is packed with suggestions to help children express themselves in writing and offers adults a different point of view about children and writing.


  • Be a Scribe
  • Story Starts
  • Ideas for homemade books
  • Nonfiction writing
  • Mechanical skills of writing
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This is book includes information from Chapter 4 of my book, Learning At Home as well as additional information and suggestions that any parent or teacher can use to help children feel more comfortable with written expression. Some of the suggestions are ones used by my husband in his fourth and fifth grade classroom for many years.

Underlying the various methods suggested for encouraging children to write is the focus on creating an atmosphere where children are supported and encouraged to express their thoughts and creativity.

Excerpt from Inviting Children to Write:

Be A Scribe

Stories are also a way for a child to try out different roles and see what happens. It’s very important when a child is telling you an imaginative story that you don’t interrupt the flow of words to try to bring reality into the story process. Let the child explore with his or her mind and write down whatever is being said. In other words, encourage children to develop their imagination and don’t censor.

I wrote down many of the stories my children told me when they were young. I wish I had written down more. Some of these stories were turned into books. Their father loves books, so some of the stories were made into books to give him as presents. I helped make the books they gave their dad. As everyone got older, they no longer asked me to be their scribe. They both illustrated and wrote the story in the books they made on their own.

These books are treasures. I enjoy looking at them now and reading through them. Some of them were written and typed using invented spelling. …to read more, download the PDF file for $4.50 Canadian