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Learning At Home: A Mother’s Guide To Homeschooling
Newly Revised Edition
  20 years in print! 3 editions

“Filled with wisdom”  Michael Pastore, Midwest Book Review
“It’s a great book!” Barb, Library Director, Sherrard, IL. 
“One of the best books on parenting I’ve ever read!” Diane Flynn Keith, Homefires
“Learning at Home” is more than a mother’s guide. It’s a rare glimpse into the mind of a thinking parent’s heart and soul … Marty’s book has shed a light on my path, reminding me that there is not only light at the end of the tunnel but inside it too. Thank you Marty.”  
Lu Hanessian, Let the Baby Drive: Navigating the Road of New Motherhood

“Reading it really gave me a sense of how I wanted our life of learning to look and, more importantly, how I wanted it to feel. When I read her book I felt as though I was sitting down for coffee at the kitchen table of a wise friend, someone who was able to gently guide me to where I wanted to go…even though I didn’t even know that place existed yet. She gave me a real insight to how gentle, loving, fulfilling and natural learning at home could be…for my kids and for myself.”

Heather Miller  A Handmade Life
“Chapter 4 – Inviting Children to Write – opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about writing and how to assist my child.  Thanks!”
“I ordered your book on a friend’s recommendation. Thanks!!! It is so helpful and reassuring!”
“I found your book so helpful – it has given me confidence to listen to my heart. I love reading your writing!  More please!”
“…  this book talks about homeschooling as a philosophy and life choice. It provides the reader with sensible and practical advice for making your home and life into a learning environment for your children, and how to create a balance between wanting them to learn and excel and letting them find out who they are for themselves.

I’ve read dozens of books on homeschooling and education, and found “Learning At Home” to be an invaluable addition to my library. It has something none of the other books demonstrated in any great quantity: wisdom.”

amazon review

… I think this quote
from the reading chapter encapsulates her home learning approach,
“Biodiversity is now recognized to be important for our survival on this
planet…I wonder if we need to think about the diversity of human
perception, intelligence, creativity, and thinking as well. Are we
eliminating human diversity when we force children to read before they
have established their own unique ways of thinking and perceiving?”


2013 “I can’t tell you how much help your book has given me during these first months of homeschooling my children. I tell everyone I meet that they should read it. Thank you!”  

2015 “This was one of the first homeschooling books that really made sense to me. It is essentially Marty’s story of what she did with her kids throughout the years and tackling different areas of learning. She never uses the word unschooling, but she definitely was following many principles of unschooling and free learning with her children. I found this book very helpful and inspirational, particularly the sections on reading, and Marty’s differing experiences with letting her four children learn to read at their own pace and in their own way. Her observations of each child’s very different skills and abilities and of her own strengths and weaknesses as a parent were also incredibly helpful to read, especially when I first started homeschooling my own children.”

  • “I keep your book Learning At Home, by my bedside and read it before bed.  Even though I’ve read it through a few times, I still find I’m inspired and encouraged by what you wrote.  Thank you!”
  • “My wife has been reading sections of your book to me.  Thank you for writing.  I understand more about children now than I did before.  She really likes your book and now I see why.”
  • “I received your book yesterday. So far, (chapter 1) it is exactly what I was looking for. I am interested in homeschooling but was afraid that all books about it would be so judgmental about the public school system that I would end up feeling bad if I chose that route. Anyway, you write with such clear honesty and simplicity that is very refreshing and inspiring. I am looking forward to the rest of the book.”
I enjoyed this book so much that, after reading a borrowed copy, I HAD to buy it for myself. I NEEDED my own copy so I could return again and again to the author’s wise council. I foresee using this book often in my family’s homeschooling journey. Why? Because of the confidence the author imparts based on her own experiences – both successful and maybe not so successful. I gain a confidence that I can succeed in assisting my children in their intellectual growth and, even more importantly, help them retain their curiousity and joy in learning.
Many of the home education books I read make me feel somehow not up to par if my children are not excelling in all areas. Ms Layne reminds me that excelling is not just academic sucess. Real success is a joy in learning, growing and discovering. She encourages me to enjoy my children for who they are and what they bring to the world. With all this encouragement come particulars – great bibliographies, wonderful ideas, doable experiences. In other words this book is not just theory but practical as well.
I encourage all potential and current homeschoolers to add “Learning at Home” to their library and to utilize it often.  Susan (Beaverton, Oregon, USA)

Like talking to your wise, experienced Home Schooling best friend.

A down to earth homeschooling mother shares her insights and experiences about her four never-schooled children. This book is written in a colloquial manner and reads as if the author were your best friend and you were having a conversation while sipping tea.

The difference between this book and all the other homeschooling books I’ve read is that the author shares her personal experiences including flaws and stumbling blocks. I left the book feeling that one does not have to be a perfect person to homeschool her children effectively …  … Her list of personality traits and beliefs that one must have to be able to homeschool are wonderful.  … it is such a refreshing book because it is like hearing a friend speak instead of having the tone of a cold-unhuman voice.

Christine (Connecticut, United States) 

Wonderfully inspiring, compassionate guide for any mother!  I wish Marty Layne was my neighbor! How nice to have someone there to hold your hand, make a cup of tea and share tried and true advise. Marty seems to be a real person, someone you can relate to without being intimidated by her perfection! Her book is easy to read, hard to put down and indispensible. I have referred back to the chapters time after time for encouragement and reassurance and have never come away disappointed. This book is a must have for any mother, homeschooling or not!    Teresa

Marty Layne offered me a mother’s perspective, and her soothing voice was quite comforting as she described life with her four children. She gives gentle advice about how to nurture ourselves while nurturing our children. She recognizes the complexities of motherhood and helps us navigate the many experiences we’ll face… Unschooling Conversations