Summertime and singing

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…(Porgy and Bess)

Summers for me as a child were filled with swimming – at the park district outdoor pool or at Crystal Lake with my mom, brother and sister. We often sang in the car together on our way to swim, songs we’d learned at school, in Girl Scouts, or songs our mom would remind us that we knew from Holland.

When my children were growing up, they, too, spent time swimming. For them it was at a nearby lake where we would spend 5-7 hours most days. We would be in and out of the water swimming, playing Marco Polo, catch, etc. or on the beach playing cards, eating, exploring or playing baseball with a plastic bat and a tennis ball. On our drive to and from from the lake – about a 15-20 minute one, we, too, sang songs. And when my mom was visiting she and I sung the Dutch songs I sang as a child, my children listening and humming along.

When my children were young, songs where my first response to a child not happy or beginning to be unhappy in the car. I’d sing to my babies, too, whenever I felt they needed comfort. I didn’t realize how ingrained this response was until I had grandchildren. I still find myself unknowingly beginning to sing or hum to soothe a baby or child.

No wonder I started a program of music and fingerplays for babies and their parents! Although I had a set order for each class, as soon as I could see that a baby was beginning to show signs of being unhappy, I’d switch the order, we’d sing a song, and happiness was restored. Those were fun classes! One mom told me she felt like she was back in grade 2 having so much fun singing!

To promote singing this summer – in the car, at home, while camping, etc. please use this code SINGFORSUMMER from July 7- July 14, 2017 to receive a $3.00 savings when you download  Brighten the Day – songs to celebrate the seasons.

I hope you’ll find the songs fun to sing along with and that it will encourage you to sing together. You can download all the words to the songs here.